“If they go to court to get an injunction we will set that injunction aside” -Mr. Angel Carbonu

By | July 7, 2022

The president of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Mr. Angel Carbonu has stated that if the government goes to court to secure an injunction on teacher unions’ strike action over the Cost Of Living Allowance they will set that injunction aside.

Mr. Angel Carbonu speaking on Eyewitness News explained that if the government triggered a court injunction to force teachers to rescind their strike action over (COLA) and return the teachers to the classroom, they will fight and set that injunction aside.

“If they go to court to get an injunction, we will organize, go to court and set that injunction aside. When you go to court ex-parte, you have not given opportunity for the judge to listen to the other group. This time, if they go to court ex-parte, we will ask our legal people the next day to go to court to set that ex-parte injunction aside,” Angel Carbonu said

The leadership of the teacher unions in Education declared an indefinite strike on 4th July 2022 following the government’s failure to grant them 20% COLA due to the current economic hardship.

The Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour Relations Mr. Bright Wireko Brobey also admitted that there is economic hardship in the country but the striking teachers should bear with the government.

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