illegal collection of fees for end-of-term Exams should cease immediately – GES warned basic school headteachers

By | August 1, 2022

The management of the Ghana Education Service has officially warn basic School headteachers who collect monies from pupils for end of term Exams to be cease immediately.

The attention of Management of Ghana Education Service (GES) has frowned on the unfortunate practice of some Metro/Municipal/District Director of
Education collecting monies from pupils/parents to organize End Term Examinations.

For clarity, the Management of GES wishes to remind all Metro/Municipal District Directors of Education that the guidelines suggested in the learning assessment
the framework of the Standard-Based Curriculum (SBC) states that School-based assessment comprising tests undertaken internally at the school level should form
the basis for the Internal Assessment Score (IAS). This includes Homework, Class Tests, Group Work, and Project Work.

The revised learning assessment framework of the SBC document is available on the National Council for Curriculum Assessment (NaCCA) website.

Metro/Municipal/District Directors of Education are to encourage Heads of Public Basic schools and Teachers to access and make good use of the site and follow
all guidelines concerning internal assessments as spelled out in SBC.

Regional Directors of the Service are to ensure that the practice of collecting money from parents and pupils ceases henceforth.

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