Important notice to all Ges staff who qualified for responsibility allowance but did not receive

By | March 7, 2021

It has come to the notice of the management of the Ghana education services that some section of teachers complained that they did not benefit from the responsibility allowance that was given out to workers of the service.

In a press release that is signed by the deputy director-general of education, Mr. Anthony Boateng said that regional, district directors of education, and various teacher unions brought to the attention of the management of the Ghana education services that some section of teachers continue to put pressure on them that they do not get their responsibility allowance.

But the statement from the Ges stated it clearly that the service has laid down procedures for the payment of responsibility allowance to their staff and that it is not every teacher who is supposed to take responsibility allowance.

From the Ges this is the laid down procedures for paying teachers responsibility allowance is as follows:
a. The allowance is not a permanent emolument paid to all staff of GES
b. The allowance is paid to only senior professional staff who are assigned to perform additional specific responsibilities

Those senior staff who are qualified to take the responsibility allowance are as follows:
a. Headmaster and headmistress
b. The assistant headmaster and headmistress
c. Basic school heads
d. Form masters/mistress.

e.Senior house masters/mistress
f. Chaplain and Imam
g. Guidance and Counseling coordinators
h. Head of the department
Unit heads

According to the Ghana education services, last year on 30th September 2020 about 4000 staff of the Ghana education services who have added additional responsibilities working in the service was captured and payment was made to them.

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The management of the Ghana education services is therefore calling on any staff of the Ges who has fallen in the above-mentioned categories but have not been paid the responsibility allowance should visit their regional and district offices to complete a template for validation.

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