Indiscipline in schools is because of child rights- Carbonu

By | November 10, 2021

The president of the National Association of Graduate Teachers NAGRAT has stated that the main cause of rampant indiscipline in the second circle and basic schools today is a result of giving children the ultimate right over teachers.

Speaking on the Radio station yesterday the 9th of November 2021, Mr. Angel Carbonu explained that school authorities have been rendered incapacitated by the child rights organization. He said that our educational system is not up to where child rights organizations have taken us to. Students have been made to do whatever they like in schools all in the name of child rights. Some teachers are still in court battles with some child right organization supporting parents whose children have been disciplined in schools for misbehaving. Due to the fear of losing their salaries teachers have allowed students to do whatever they like in schools.

Mr. Carbonu cited a situation where students in boarding schools these days, will be seen roaming in streets without the knowledge of the school authorities. He explained that during those days students were afraid to come out of a boarding house to the street without permission because there was discipline in the schools.

But these days Headteachers cannot even dismiss students who misbehave in the school all because the management of the Ghana Education Service and the Human right organization have adopted rights that cover students in schools.

The recent stabbing of a student by another student and the other reported issue of indiscipline in schools will not have happened if there was still discipline in schools.

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