Investigate government procurement of laptops for teachers-Innovative teachers founder

By | March 19, 2021

The founder of innovative teachers, Stephen Desu has called for an investigation of government procurement of laptops for teachers which he feels there will be some kind of irregularities and a way of taxing teachers.

Speaking on Citi FM 6:00 am morning news the founder of innovative teachers Mr. Desu said he cannot fathom why the government will be buying over one million laptops for professional body and there will not be a reduction in the price of the product. He feels some corrupt activities are going on there hence the need for an investigation into the procurement.

When this issue of government purchasing laptops came on social media one of the main campaigners against the idea of sharing the cost of the laptops was the innovative teacher’s founder.

In their recent posts, they call on Teachers to reject the payment of the 30% cost of the laptops. Most of the time when citizens complain about the conditions of service of persons categorized as article 71 officeholders the beneficiaries point to the Constitution. One cannot fathom but wonder why GNAT NAGRAT and CCT agreed such a bad and illegal deal with the government to supply laptops to teachers. GNAT NAGRAT and CCT did not serve the interest of teachers as far as this matter is concerned.

The Labour Law (ACT 651) section 9(a) specifically tasked the employer to provide the machinery, equipment, and tools needed by the employee to work. The laptop is a major ICT tool needed by teachers to enhance their work. It is trite knowledge that most teachers were trained in ICT through theory with minimal or no practical ICT skills. INNOVATIVE TEACHERS is pointing to the labor law as its justification for calling on the government to supply the laptops free of charge to teachers.

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The laptops are meant to enhance teaching. We are calling on teachers to reject the cost-sharing as far as the laptops are concerned because the labor law imposes an obligation on the employer of teachers to supply the laptops free of charge. What is good for article 71 officeholders is equally good for teachers under section 9(a) of the Labour Act.

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