Is it good to cane our students, find out what this schoolgirl has for you the teacher?

By | January 8, 2021

Canning has been a debating topic in our twenty-first century by most child right organization and those who care about the lives of our young children. Educegh has sourced an article from this little girl to her teachers.

Canning students create fears in them. Many students do fear cane, so whenever they see that their teacher or educator will cane them, they begin to cry and even at times collapsed in the class due to fears the have to be canned. The sometimes-lost interest in class makes teaching and learning boring. They will never think of what will happen or what is going to happen as you teach but their mind is on whether you will cane them after your lesson or not. At times you will see that you will cane all right but what you have taught cannot be remembered when you ask them a question which will even discourage you the teacher from teaching.

It is not good to cane students because when a teacher continues to cane his or her students, they will not respect him or her at times. Whenever they see him or her they will not like to attend his or her lesson. Some students will always dodge their lesson whenever it is time for that teacher to come to class. Even sometimes when they are bad students in your class whom you have been caning them when they get you in a hidden place, they will try to beat you or do something bad to you. So, if you want your students to enjoy your lesson stop canning them as a teacher.

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Canning students inflicted pain in them. When you continue to cane your students as a teacher because of the pain you directly impact these students will make them not feel happy at all with you. As you inflict this pain on these students, they become demoralizing whenever they come to class. As the becomes demoralizing they begin to dislike your subject and as they dislike your subject they will definitely fail your subject and I believe no teacher wants his or her students to fail his or her subjects. So, we must treat our students like our own children because if a child could not answer your question doesn’t necessarily make him or her lazy or someone who doesn’t like reading but could be that they have a peculiar problem which the teacher or mentor have to identify and help these children come out of his or her woes.

Canning can make your children get mental problems or deform them for life. As a teacher, it is rather good to encourage your students to learn rather than using force to make students learn.

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