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It is regrettable to see Teachers disobeying the Code of conduct of Staff- GES


Management of the Ghana Education Service has expressed disappointment in the conduct of Teachers in various schools across the country. Teachers have refused to obey the revised code of conduct of the staff of the Ghana Education Service.

According to the management of Ghana Education, they have noticed an increase in the use of corporal and inhumane punishment by some teachers to students which is worrying.

Management has stated that they have initiated a safe school program which is to ensure that Teachers adopt the new changes to ensure Schools in the country are safe and secure for Teaching and learning but some teachers have failed to abided by this directive and continue to use the cane as a tool for correcting misbehaviors among students.

Management is calling on all Teachers to desist from the use of corporal punishment but rather use the measures spelled out in the positive discipline toolkit and the Head Teachers handbook appendix 2 or risk losing their job.

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