It is shameful and illogical to reject the new GES Director General – Ministry of Education to teachers

By | October 21, 2022

The Ministry of Education has described teachers’ rejection of the newly appointed Ghana Education Service Director General Dr. Eric Nkansah as illogical and shameful.

According to the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Kwasi kwarteng, there is no logic to say one needs to have a teaching career before the person is qualified to manage Ghana Education Service.

“The logic that you’ve got to have had only teaching career before you can manage the Ghana Education Service is not only illogical but shameful”. Mr. Kwasi kwarteng stated.

He argued that the role of the Ghana Education Service Director General goes beyond teaching. “It is purely administrative”.He noted

He further noted if the position is meant for only the teaching staff then what happens to the non-teaching staff of the Ghana Education Service? He said “teachers’ rejection of the GES boss is not only illogical but shameful”

This comes after some teacher unions rejected the appointment of the new Ghana Education Service Director General Dr. Eric Nkansah for the reason that his a banker and has no expertise in managing the Ghana Education Service.

NAGRAT also argued that his appointment shows that there is no qualified professional in the teaching service who is qualified to be Director General of Ghana Education Service.

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