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JHS teachers by Friday 12th March 2021 to decide on what to teach should GES not come clear on the new curriculum.


In September 2019 the government of Ghana introduced the new educational reforms which was meant to change our curriculum to a world structured, NaCCA and Ghana education services succeeded in introducing this new curriculum at primary level but the materials that were to be used by these teachers to ensure effective delivery of their lessons was not given

Pupils textbook, teachers handbooks, and teaching and learning materials have not been given to these teachers meanwhile they expect them to deliver their lessons, how can it work? Is just a media house employing a photographer without giving him or her camera

The Hardworking teachers who are doing all they can to ensure that our children learn something at the end of the day are been threatened by authorities not to use any materials to teach the children meanwhile you have not given these teachers the materials to teach. What at all do you want our hard-working teachers to do?

On 15th January 2021, the junior high school teachers were supposed to receive their training from their employers on how to implement this new curriculum but it was later postponed and and teachers were asked to do recovery learning for good eight (8) weeks, this eight weeks period will be ending tomorrow 12th March 2021 and teachers have still not heard anything from their employer whether to continue with the recovery learning or the will go for the new curriculum training.

Teachers have described teaching to be boring since the inception of this new curriculum and a visit to some schools in my area has truly confirmed the struggle teachers go through to ensure that their students learn new things at the end of the day without learning materials.

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Years past we use to compare blindly our public basic school in Ghana and the private basic schools in terms of academic achievements with some people trying to blame teachers for no cause done. The introduction of this new curriculum has shown that Ghana’s public basic school teachers are hard-working but they don’t get support from their leaders to teach effectively.

Every day I see on social media how serious the private basic school’s leaders are using all their available resources to train their JHS teachers on this new curriculum which Ges and NaCCA have implemented meanwhile the public basic schools they manage has still not gotten this training they are giving to private schools teachers and at the end of the day you will be comparing their performance. It will be unfair to compare such performance.

Teachers in public basic schools do not understand what is making Ghana education services (GES) and NaCCA delay in training them. Teachers are patiently waiting for NaCCA and Ges to train them in the new curriculum so that they will carry on with the delivery of their lessons and if Ges also think they can’t train these teachers they should come clear and explain what they want teachers to do as the 8 weeks recovery learning ends tomorrow 12th March 2021.


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