Job vacancies at National Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA). check the details

By | April 13, 2021

The National Schools Inspectorate Authority (NASIA) is seeking a qualified, experienced and dynamic person to fill the position of Principal Officer, Public Relations to provide technical and operational support for effective and efficient performance of the public relations functions of Authority.

The position is for a short-term contract of six (6) months, with the possibility of becoming permanent.


  1. Provides input for the formulation and review of policies.
  2. Ensures the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the programmes and activities of the Unit.
  3. Ensures efficient and effective management of the human, material and financial resources of the Unit.
  4. Designs and implements the Authority’s communication strategy.
  5. Oversees the issuance of press releases on major activities, nurtures relations with the media and organizes media briefings.
  6. Reviews and recommends appropriate action on media coverage of the Authority’s activities.
  7. Oversees the production and distribution of promotional materials.
  8. Oversees protocol activities of the Authority.
  9. Oversees public education and sensitization on the Authority’s policies, programmes and activities.
  10. Ensures the creation of corporate literature and other forms of communication media.
  11. Ensures the promotion of integrity awareness among the staff, stakeholders and the public.
  12. Collaborates with the IT Unit for the update of information on the Authority’s website.
  13. Ensures the development and maintenance of a database on key stakeholders of the Authority.
  14. Oversees the implementation of the Performance Management System within the unit.
  15. Ensures the preparation of the annual budget and work plan for the Unit.
  16. Ensures the preparation of annual and other periodic reports of the Unit.
  17. Supervises and appraises the performance of subordinate staff.
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● A minimum of a Master’s degree from an accredited Tertiary institution in Mass Communication, Communication Studies, International Relations, Social Science or any other relevant fields.
● Membership of a relevant professional body would be an advantage.
● A minimum of six (6) years post-Bachelor’s Degree relevant work experience in a reputable organisation, two (2) years of which must be in a senior management position.

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