Junior ranks promotions: 17,000 backlog of Teachers yet to be promoted.

The management of the Ghana Education Service has failed to promote about 17,000 backlog Teachers who are duly qualified for Promotion from senior superintendent II to Senior superintendent 1 (Junior ranks promotions).

Click here to access GES Promotion portal

The reason for this delay in the Promotion of these teachers to the various ranks is still uncertain. The various Teacher unions (GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCTGH) who are supposed to fight for the Promotion of these teachers have consistently given teachers fake promises as to when they will be promoted.

Recently, the members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers received a text message from the General Secretary of GNAT, Thomas Musah with the assurance that 10,000 of the teachers have been promoted in July 2022 and the remaining 17,000 will be promoted in August 2022. Currently, this is the middle of September 2022 and the affected teachers are still where they are.

Meanwhile, the management of the Ghana Education Service has officially opened a portal for application to the Principal superintendent (PS) and other senior Ranks. Access the portal here.

Those teachers who have qualified for Promotions in the junior ranks are they not part of the staff of Ghana Education Service or what?

Honourable Minister of Education, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum this is happening under your watch, are you aware this is what the management of the Ghana Education Service is doing to the teachers at the lower ranks?

How do you expect senior ranks teachers whose Promotion portal gets open every year for qualified teachers to apply and the junior ranks teachers who have not been promoted for two to three years now to deliver equally in the classroom?

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If priority is placed on senior ranks Promotions only in Ghana Education Service let the junior ranks teachers lower their expectations.


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