Junior ranks promotions: GNAT gave September 2022 ultimatum for mass promotion of Teachers.

The Management of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has officially disclosed that if junior ranks promotions have not been worked on by September 2022 the union will be forced to act.

Speaking at GNAT hour on Saturday 27th August 2022, the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the major teacher unions in Ghana (GNAT), Mr. Prosper Takyie said if by September some teachers are still not promoted the union will be forced to act on this.

He noted that teachers who were captured for this month August 2022 have been duly promoted and paid with arrears this month.

Meanwhile, the National General Secretary of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Mr. Thomas Musah in July 2022 gave a communique to all members of GNAT that Lower Ranks (Senior Sup 1 and below) 10,333 have been completed and will be paid in July 2022. The outstanding 17,570 will be paid in August 2022.

But check by validators on August 2022 validation voucher has shown otherwise. This has made most of the teachers who qualified for promotion 5-6 years ago stranded. The majority of the teachers are now confused about the inconsistencies communicated by the National Secretary of GNAT.

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