Just in. Ges postponed the re-opening date for senior high school first-year students

By | March 8, 2021

Management of Ghana Education Service has noted that the ongoing
school placement exercise has been smooth so far and wishes to
express its appreciation to Heads of Schools, Students,
parents/guardians and the general public for their cooperation and
support so far

Management further notes that some students have still not been able to
go through with their self-placement issues and some others have not
concluded their admission process

In the light of the foregoing and to give parents and guardians some
additional time to prepare the students for school and the schools to
have additional time to prepare to receive them, Management has
decided that the re-opening of schools for first-year students
should be rescheduled for Thursday 18th March through to Sunday
21t March 2021. The spread-out period is to enable the schools to
structure the admission processes in such a way that not too many
students get crowded at the school at one particular point in time.

Academic work in all schools should commence on Monday 22n
March 2021.

Regional Directors through Metropolitan/Municipal/District Directors of
Education should ensure strict adherence to these directives.

The management wishes to encourage parents/guardians to ensure that
students leave home with some nose masks to complement what they
will receive in schools

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