Just in. Ges set date for the distribution of Teachers laptops.

By | April 6, 2021

During the beginning of this year the government in collaboration with the Ghana education services and the various Teachers unions, the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), and Coalition of Concern Teachers (CCT-GH) hinted at distributing laptops to teachers.

One teacher one laptop is one of the initiatives of the government plans to digitize the work of Teachers by installing the resources needed by Teachers to facilitate their classroom work.
Most of these teacher unions mostly the president of the national association of graduate teachers (NAGRAT) welcomed the initiative of the government and said it is a step in the right direction as the laptops will help reduce the tedious work of Teachers in the system.

This laptop was one of the agenda for the National Executives Council meeting with the management of the Ghana education services (GES), in January 2021. Their goal was to make sure these laptops are given to Teachers before the end of the year.

Our check have revealed that the said laptops will made available for distribution to Teachers from 3rd May, 2021 in the regional and District education offices for onward delivery to Teachers.

The government promise to pay 70% of the cost of the price of the laptops and Teachers will pay the remaining 30% of the cost.

But some of the teacher unions like the innovative teachers union and All Alliance Teachers (ATAG) have called for the investigation into the procurement of the laptops by CHRAJ because they feel the cost of the laptops has been inflated. They argued that in procuring large quantities of goods from a company there will always be a price reduction but when it comes to this one the price is still fixed. Hence the need for investigation into the issue.

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