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Just in: Teacher Trainees gave gov’t 3 weeks ultimatum to pay their 6 months Allowances arrears.


The Teacher Trainees’Association of Ghana TTAG has given the government a three weeks ultimatum to pay the allowance that has not been paid to them consistently for six months now.

According to TTAG, the restoration of the Teacher Trainees’ Allowance has received many recommendations from all Trainees’ Teachers to the government as it has helped to relieve them of their financial burden.

But the undue delay in the payment of these allowance to Trainees’ Teachers has caused them undue suffering both on campus and outside the campus.

The leadership of TTAG has indicated that they tried all their best to engage the Minister of Education, the Director-General of Ghana Tertiary Education Commission GTEC, and the CEO of Students loan Trust Fund to seek prompt payment of Teachers Trainees allowance but no good results have been given to them.

According to TTAG, most Trainees’ Teachers rely solely on the allowance to pay their fees and examination fees but due to the delay in the payment of this allowance due them, most of the Trainees’ has not been able to sit for their second-semester examination.

They added that the current level 200 and 300 students have been asked to do school observations during the holidays which has prevented most of them from working to get money to cater for next academic year fees. Also, it is out of this allowance that principals of colleges of education use to feed Trainees’ on campus but the delay in payment of the allowance has made the college authorities borrow money and also use internally generated funds to feed these students.

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Hence Teacher Trainees demand prompt payment of their delayed allowance from the government in order not to damage the reputation of the government


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