Know these four-leadership style exhibited by headmasters in schools in order to free yourself from being in trouble

By | January 8, 2021

Understanding someone you will leave with is a vital thing everyone has to do and as teachers, we need to learn these four-leadership styles demonstrated by the headmaster in their various schools. This article has outlined some of this leadership style that help you work effectively and efficiently in your various schools.

Some headteachers are autocratic with their followers. This headmaster does not look at anyone in the school to have any plans that are of use to the school but he or her alone. They do not consider anybody’s idea to be good. They sometimes take decisions without the input of their subordinates. So, when you are working with such kind of headteacher you have to be very careful the way you behave. Because he or she will not regard you and your ideas, so, is better you just follow them like that. When a headmaster is autocratic in nature they always make the development of the school to be stagnant because no single person is perfect all the time. So, when you are posted in this kind of school and you have identified that your headteacher is autocratic don’t be worrying to quarrel with him or her.

Some headteachers are participative or democratic in their way of leading. This kind of headteacher will always bring you onboard whenever there is an issue to solve. They always make sure they take the idea of everyone into consideration. When your headteacher is leading your school with this kind of leadership style your school will always be on track. So as a teacher when your headteacher gives you the opportunity to participate in the decision don’t take it as a yardstick to misbehave in school.

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Delegative or laissez-faire leadership style. This kind of headteacher always makes sure that the assigned part of their duties to their subordinate. He or she makes sure you feel involved in the administrative work of the school. Some of these headteachers who lead a laissez-faire style of leadership will train you so that one day you can also take your future administrative works easily.

Parental leadership style. This kind of headteacher always take their subordinate as his or her children and treat you as such. He or she will make sure that all decisions that are been taken will be of benefit to everyone in the school even including the students. He or she takes everyone to be part of the school family.

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