Learn the negative effects of motivation on our students

By | January 8, 2021

It is always good as a teacher to motivate your students during teaching, as it makes our students do more in terms of learning or performing not that withstanding over motivating our students has gotten its own consequences and this article has looked at some of the effects of over motivating our students and its effects.

Some students always misbehave as you are motivating them, they move around to act badly all over. Getting time to conduct themselves or to position themselves in a place that will feet them is always a problem. The students will always pretend to do something that he or she knows it was not supposed to that way. As these students continue to receive motivation from you the teacher they feel like they are the best among the rest and for that matter, they behave like they know everything and at times they move about doing unnecessary things which normally translate into their academic performance.

Over motivating your students makes them feel very relax when you motivate them always. They do like everything is now in their head, so getting time to study again will be a more difficult thing for them. Immediately they see that every day you are motivating them, they will begin to relax without putting more effort to face a difficult task, so as teachers we need to limit our level of motivation and shouldn’t let it be in a regular pattern.

Students feel proud of themselves as you continue to motivate them. Motivating students regularly in class demean its value of encouraging students to learn but rather gives students the power to boast among their colleagues. Due to this bluffing attitude of these students, they don’t ask questions from their teachers either to talk about asking their colleagues students which makes them perform badly.

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Motivation can create conflict among students. When you motivate some students and some are not motivated, this can make those who are not motivated to feel rejected and not part of the class. As this continues it creates tension among these students and unnecessary fights between the students. so, as teachers when we are teaching in a class, we should not continue to motivate some section of students leaving the others not motivated as it makes some students feel that you the teacher don’t like them. Teachers must use their motivation tool very effectively.

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