Lesson notes must be prepared and approved – GES warned

By | February 21, 2022

There has been a major controversy by teachers, District Directors of Education, School Improvement, and Support Officers as to whether lesson notes should be prepared by writing in a notebook or printed.

The Ministry of Education has officially given a green light to teachers to either submit lesson notes electronically or submitted manually depending on the convenience of the teacher.

Most teachers were waiting to hear the side of the management of the Ghana Education Service since they are the employer of the teachers and implement policies to teachers at the Basic schools in the country.

The position of Management of Ghana Education Service on the preparation of Lesson Notes by teachers is that Lesson Notes must be prepared and approved. This is being enforced strictly.

The issue, however, has been whether the Lesson Notes should be prepared manually or electronically, especially amid the ‘One-Teacher-One Laptop’ program.

At a discussion with the Teacher Unions, the consensus was that for now, the system should be made as flexible as possible. That is, it should be based on an agreement between the teacher and his/her supervisor. Thus, where both teacher and the supervisor agree that it should be prepared and submitted electronically, it should be allowed. Where it cannot be transmitted electronically, a print-out of the typed lesson notes should be submitted for vetting and approval. Where for any valid reason, it cannot be prepared electronically, it should be done manually. based on an agreement between the parties.

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