Licensure exam helps to determine the best college and the knowledge of students- Dr. Yaw Adutwum

By | February 12, 2021

Most students and teachers of various colleges of education in Ghana both public and private have kick against the licensing of teachers that were introduced by National Teaching Council (NTC) in Ghana. In 2018, teacher trainees who have completed their courses and were awaiting posting from the Ghana education service but it was later announced to them that without license exam they can’t be posted.

Most teachers are worried about the introduction of teacher licensure, with some saying that they don’t understand why a teacher should complete a professional course in college but are not qualified to be called a professional teacher unless he or she takes the licensure exam.

Some people have the view that the licensure exam disqualified the professionalism of the course teachers goes through in the various colleges of education. The Education Minister-designate Dr. Yaw Adutwum made it known during his vetting that the licensure exam has gotten its benefits which he stated as follows:

1.The license exam helps the National Teaching Council (NTC) and Ghana education service (GES) to know the best college.

2.The license exam helps the National Teaching Council (NTC) and Ghana education service (GES) to know the knowledge of teachers.

He stated that the licensure exam has shown that our teachers have a lot of knowledge that needs to put into practice in the classroom.

The honorable minister-designate, therefore, stated that the licensure exam is important and necessary to qualify one to be posted in the classroom to teach. He called for a licensure exam to be maintained.

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