MOMO operators to pay additional taxes-Government.

By | May 29, 2021

The Government of Ghana through the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) will from June 2021 introduce new taxes on mobile money operators. Aside from the 10% percent paid by operators on cash-in commission. From June 2021, the new tax levy will be on cash out commission of the operators.

Per the current arrangements, this will be deducted from every cashout and will be paid every month.

According to mobile money operators, MOMO Agents pay three different taxes excluding the cost of operation. This news came as a surprise to most money operators in the country. Some mobile operators complain that it is a strategy by Government to collapse their business.

According to some operators, the Government has failed to provide them with security has struggle with fraudsters and arm robbers which at times lead to the loss of lives.

The management of mobile operators has called on their members to remain calm and rally their support behind them as they are making arrangements to sit at a round table with Government.

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