Most staff in GES goes on retirement without a place to sleep – Prof Amankwa lamented.

By | July 5, 2022

Prof Amankwa said after joining the GES he realize that going to person was a serious problem for many workers because there is no place to sleep after retirement.

Speaking at the launch of the two-day staff durbar and business activation expo for Ghana Education Service staff at the forecourt of the GES headquarters in Accra. He encourages members of the service not to put off planning for their post-retirement life.

“You don’t need to wait until the last minute to begin making plans for your retirement. That will leave you feeling unfulfilled. It is possible that by the time you complete active work, you will be able to build a structure where you can lay your head if you put in a strategy by starting something when you have approximately 20 or 15 years to work.” Prof Amankwa said.

Prof Opoku Amankwa further explained that the issue of GES staff going on retirement without a house to lay their heads on is a serious problem and it is because workers think their income is low and can’t build a house.

“Sometimes, we also look at our age and think we have more years to retire and so there is more time. However, by the time we realised the time is up for us to leave.

“We want to try to avoid this situation and that is the reason why we organized the fair. The moment you get a job, you should start planning your pension,” Prof Opoku Amankwa explained.

The Director-General of Ghana Education Service Prof. Opoku Amankwa has advises the staff in the service to prepare for their retirement.

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The Director-General of Ghana Education Service said people often jump to the conclusion that buying a house from the estate developer was very expensive but the service is now looking at possible means to support every member in the service to own a property.
He said the service will work will the Controller and Accountant General Department in that regard and also ensure that there is proper documentation for staff to start the process.

Prof Amankwa said they will ensure that these agendas replicate themselves in the Regions to ensure that staff in the service all benefit from it.

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