Home Education Most well-dressed female Teachers spent time dodging chalk particles during teaching.

Most well-dressed female Teachers spent time dodging chalk particles during teaching.


It is disappointing and unacceptable in the 21st century in a world-class country like Ghana for Teachers to still be using blackboard and chalk to deliver Teaching and learning to learners across the country meanwhile the main stakeholders of education are thinking of comparing the country to countries like Singapore, the UK to mention but few.

Blackboard and chalk are still a strong disincentive for Teachers to dress decently in classrooms. Most well-dressed female Teachers spent most of their time dodging chalk particles in the classroom which sometimes distract Teaching and learning in the classroom.

Should the government move from changing the old blackboards to soft maker boards it will not only be an incentive to the teacher but also create jobs for the teeming youth who will be changing the blackboards for the consumption of these Teachers. The can also sprang companies across the country that will be in large production of these makers for Teachers. This will help improve teaching and learning and also help Teachers to dress well to school.

Most teachers will prefer to use their money to buy makers to teach in times of shortages than use their money to purchase a pack of chalk boxes.

Ghana Education Service and the various Teacher unions should look at making the classroom very incentive and attractive to the teacher because most Teachers have become blind or can’t see well due to these chalk particles that have fallen in their eyes.

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