Myths and misconceptions surrounding the UCC 3-semesters and 5-semesters bachelor degrees in Education.

By | April 4, 2021

There have been some miscommunication and misunderstanding among students with regards to the University of Cape Coast UCC sandwich programs on the 3-semesters and 5-semesters with the vast majority of people tagging the 3-semesters programs as not as important comparing it with the 5-semesters. But this post will clear the minds of people on the various programs.

But before I start let’s understand what 3-semesters bachelor degrees and 5-semesters degrees means.

3-semesters bachelor degrees was initiative by the leaders of Gnat and Ghana education services in collaboration with the University of Cape coast to ensure that Teachers in the basic level attained bachelor degrees by 2025 as that is going to be the minimum qualifications for a teacher in Ghana to teach at the basic level. So teachers in this level will only go for the top of three semesters that is one and half years to attain a bachelor’s degree in basic education.

5- semester bachelor degrees in education is a five-semester program instituted by the University of Cape Coast in 2017 to help teachers who are teaching in the basic education in Ghana who wishes to get bachelor degrees in the second cycle Education to offer the program on the sandwich basis for two and half years without necessarily leaving the classroom as it is against Ges directives.

It is good for us to note for these two sandwich programs run by the same university have gotten their merit but it is based on one own choice to chose which one is most appropriate for him or her to attend. When it comes to Education we don’t look at what friends and colleagues are offering as it is always the tradition of most of us in Ghana which affects us negatively but we seem not to realize it.

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Some people have consistently stated that those who are offering UCC sandwich 3-semesters programs will forever be retired at the basic level. This is not true because someone who has gone for this three semesters program and has gotten his or her bachelor’s degree in basic education is also qualified to go for UCC MPHIL programs provide that person is determined to go higher in Education. On the UCC requirements for one to attend master of Education (MEd) programs, they have stated it categorically that those with bachelor degrees in basic education is qualified to attend Med programs provide that person can pass their interview and the person will also take elementary programs to help him or she fit for the program. The only difference here is that someone who has gone for the bachelor’s degree in the second cycle will not go for an interview but a bachelor’s degree in basic education will go for an interview. So after you have gone for your MPhil program you qualified as someone who has gone for his or her second cycle degree. What then makes bachelor degree students in basic education retired at the basic level.

It is also important to note that life in Ghana is based on your connections and your ability to get links to those in authority, and your luck can also put you in a better position more than someone who has gone for his or her bachelor’s degree in second cycle Education. It doesn’t necessarily mean that when someone has gone for second cycle Education that person is better than you so don’t be deceived by what people talk about the program you should choose.
Everything is base on your determination and focuses on what you want to achieve rather than following what friends are doing.

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