NABCO trainees’ to hold government accountable.

By | April 19, 2021

Basically. A coalition of Nabco Trainees is deeply disgruntled with the ingrained
delays of Monthly stipends payment which worsens beneficiaries’ daily grind.

and renders many debtors and penniless who cannot boast of any savings

almost 3years they got enrolled in the scheme.

We equally share the sentiments/bruises of colleagues whose restless efforts to
get their bulk arrears paid seemingly to face post-election bad debt. In the
ensuing days. CONAT will petition stakeholders to exhume the residue of
years that engulfed the scheme so that no hard-working Trainee will finally leave

the program is filled with agony and resentments.

in addition, CONAT’S attention has been drawn to uncertainties looming

among Trainees concerning the ext pathways which optioned to Usher
beneficiaries into the permanent mainstream works, and resource section who

chose to venture into Entrepreneurship.

We urge Nabco Trainees not to be traumatized but only remain resolute and
hardworking at the post, as the partial commitment is an encumbrance, mandatory
and consistent on the part of the government to see to the realization of
brighter and much promising pathways which will engage beneficiaries after
the contract without being retrograded to their previous unemployed state.
Government attempts to renege on its promise will be an apparent Achilles
heel rendering insignificant impact on its touted efforts by the Nabco scheme
to alleviating the feeling number of graduates unemployed. CONAT with

massive support of trainees is opined to hold the government accountable

Recently, an Article was spotted on Joy News which reports a gentileman
called Mr. Percy Opata: believed to be a Coordinator at Tema, who cited to
have cautioned Trainees to subscribe to entrepreneurship and stop chasing

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nonexistent white-color jobs. On the contrary. CONAT offers the following


His submission is welcoming but too late and dead on arrival. we believe
Trainees should have been thoroughly educated. mentoring

enthused to prioritize the quest of entrepreneurship over other options at

the Career Training sections organized at the district level before the

the election which were unfortunately turned to podiums not partisan

outreach and campaigns. Hence, such concerned shared and stimulated
at the closure of the application offers no exponential impact
We believe there are enough spaces to mechanize Trainees as we
constantly witness fresh recruitments at the various institutions where
Trainees are working. This is evidence of ample spaces available to
absorb Trainees only if stakeholders are committed to rewarding their


Finally, an observation is made on development by an illicit group imploring
Trainees to pay GHg30.00 each as their district collections to cite and
appreciate coordinators and RTCs for their contributions to Trainees bid for
permanent employment:

This is unfortunate and disgusting. CONAT doesn’t blame such legitimate
grouping but the proliferation of their activities capitalized on the indiscipline
deficient structures and monitoring on the scheme.

CONAT begrudges no Trainee who individually gifts his/her coordinator but any
unaccounted and unscrupulous collections and imposition implored by illicit
the group which operates through a forged and compromised corporate identity
is unacceptable, condemnable, and must be strictly prohibited. Since
Coordinators are supposed to be cited by their employer but not ridiculously
Nabco Trainees, CONAT recognizes such collections as a clear inbred
extortion, a canker of palm-greasing and symbolic corruption which must be
a distant miles away from True Nation Builders.

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CONAT by this communique urges all Nabco Trainees to be cautious as
graduates and never be leveraged as race-horses for other Lazy Colleagues
to build cheap popularity.

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