NaCCA and GES should be blamed for offensive textbooks- Concern Teachers.

By | March 19, 2021

Some section of teachers said the national council for curriculum and assessment (NaCCA), Ghana education services (GES) and other, stakeholders in charge of pre-tertiary education in Ghana deserve to blame for the offensive and bigotry textbooks making rounds on social media. They said NaCCA and Ges should not blame publishers for the offensive textbooks because the fault is from them (GES and NaCCA).

They are of the view that since Ghana education services and the national council for curriculum and assessment NaCCA introduced the new curriculum in pre tertiary institutions no textbooks have been given to a teacher and whenever Teachers asked about textbooks then they will refer Teachers to consult the resources pack which they NaCCA and Ges know very well that the information on the resources pack is not enough to help the teachers teach well.

A work that is for you and you refused to do it well then someone definitely will do it for you and that is exactly what is happening between the NaCCA and the offensive publishers. They Teachers said. Hence much of the blame should be put on NaCCA and Ges for failing to provide Teachers with Textbooks. Should they provide textbooks for Teachers this issue of bigotry textbooks in the system wouldn’t have come at all?

They however call GES to always listen to Teachers in the classroom for they are those doing the work at the grass-roots level and know what goes in and out. If you are a leader doesn’t mean your subordinates are useless. They added.

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