NaCCA has officially released the learning areas of CCP for JHS.

By | November 14, 2021

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment NaCCA has officially released the subject areas that are to be taught in Junior High schools as far as the new curriculum is concerned. The Council has brought out twelve (12) learning areas to be taught as new subjects for the common Core program CCP for JHS.

The Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Education has successfully finished with the next stage of the development of the new curriculum for junior high schools.

A statement from the NaCCA has made it clear that the council has successfully submitted the common Core program CCP to the management of the Ghana Education Service for onward implementation for the 2021 /2022 academic year which is to start in January 2022.

It could be recalled that NaCCA invited all publishers and textbooks developer to outline the way forward since they are the institution mandated to ensure that they assess and approve all learning materials before they are used in schools. According to NaCCA the assessment and approval of textbooks is a step-by-step process and has called on the publishers to submit their materials when they are done for assessment and approval.

Students Textbooks and Teachers Guide for each subject

According to NaCCA, publishers and textbooks developer is to submit one textbook for learners and one teacher guide per each learning grade for assessment. Only learner’s textbooks and facilitators’ guide that has been approved and listed in the database of NaCCA will be allowed to use in Ghanaian pre-tertiary schools.

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NaCCA however is inviting all qualified and registered textbooks, developers and publishers, to visit the official website of NaCCA to download the guidelines for textbooks. Also, publishers are encouraged to submit their materials with the required fees.

The learning areas for the common Core program CCP for JHS.

The approved twelve (12) subjects areas for the common Core program for JHS1-3 include the following.
✅Social studies
✅Career Technology
✅Creative art and design
✅Arabic language
✅Ghanaian language
✅French language
✅English language
✅Physical and Health Education
✅Religious and moral Education

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