NAPO justified his scholarship package from Get-fund and will do it again if the opportunity is given.

By | February 14, 2021

The outgoing Education Minister as well as the energy minister-designate Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh was one of the members of parliament that benefited from the Get-fund scholarship in 2016 which there was a lot of complaints from the general public bemoaning why money that is meant for the needy Students are been given to members of parliament.

During his vetting in parliament house, the minister told the vetting committee that he is not the only one who benefited from Get-fund because several members of parliament have been taking get fund scholarship and for that, he has no regrets about taking Get-fund scholarship.

Members of this house parliament access on even that particular course in 2016. I went with someone on the majority side at the time. “I do not regret it, it wasn’t done just me and if I get the same opportunity, I will do it again”. He said.

The auditor general report on the administration of Get-fund scholarship at the time stated that the minister was listed as studying National and International Security at Harvard University, receiving $12, 800 in allowance and $ 17, 004 as tuition fees.

When an honorable member of parliament for Tamale north Alhassan Suhuyini asked him that question the minister-designate responses were in sharp contrast to a statement he issued at the time when the issue became a headline.

The energy minister-designate stressed that “I do not regret it, it wasn’t done for just me and if I get the same opportunity, I will do it again.”

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