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NaSIA guidelines for provisional license to existing Schools


NaSIA is responsible for the regulation and establishment of new schools and the quality of infrastructure in pre-tertiary educational institutions in the country.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which direct the development agenda for all countries, require the latter to build and upgrade educational facilities that are child, disability and gender sensitive, and provide safe, non-violent, inclusive, and effective learning environments for all. School Proprietors seeking to establish a new school in Ghana are required to seek authorization from NaSIA.
Additional guidelines and processes for establishing a new school can be found in NaSIA’s Guidelines for the School Establishment and Inspection Policy

Guidelines for the provisional license of existing Schools.

  1. Application for authorization. The school proprietor have to complete and submit registration request form by paying a token.
  2. Authorization to operate
    Step 1. The proprietor complete and submit notice of intent to operate and supporting documents to operate at a fee.
    Step 2. Then NaSIA will review the Nol form and supporting documents.
    Step 3. NaSIA conducts a compliance inspection.
    Based on the inspection process by NaSIA, then they will either accept or reject your form.
    If NaSIA is satisfied with your form then they offer you the provisional license to operate and if NaSIA is not satisfied with your form, then NaSIA will issue a letter with recommendations then the proprietor will take action to work on the recommendation.
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