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NaSIA warn schools to desist from using a cane to impact knowledge on Students


The National Schools Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA) has warned school proprietors who use corporal punishment as teaching to desist from such practice or faces the law.

The National Inspectorate school Authority said they have received complaints from concerned parents regarding the continuous use of corporal punishment in some schools that their wards are attending.

According to such parents, this has resulted in physical and emotional repercussions on their wards and for that matter, NaSIA is calling on all schools that still use corporal punishment in schools to stop immediately.

According to National Schools Inspectorate Authority NaSIA, this practice is considered as an offense under the corporal punishment policy which has been prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

NaSIA, therefore, write to all schools to desist from the use of corporal punishment in schools and adopt best practices that promote a conducive and academically friendly environment for nurturing and learning of all students

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