National Standard Assessment to be conducted to assess 4th-grade students- Dr. Yaw Adutwum

By | March 12, 2021

The introduction of Ghana’s education new curriculum in 2019 was to ensure that students do not continue to practice the old way of learning, that is “chew and pour” or memorialize what they learned but to think critically for themselves in solving everyday problems around them.

Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum the substantive minister of education in Ghana was one of the pioneers that influence the introduction of the new curriculum in our basic school, during his interview on Joynews, the minister stated that Ghana is participating in world Bank 10year old learning measure that will enable us to know where we are as a country.

He added that Ghana is also gearing up next year to go to Program for International Students Assessment (PISA), which is an assessment done by some developed and developing countries to determine the performance level of their students, so Ghana will also go to compare themselves with American students which will help us know how our students are doing and if there is a huge gap then we will come back to check how to review our curriculum to meet the international standard.

So the standard assessment will be conducted to ensure that our students think critically so that they can be competitive with the other developed nations and if our students are not doing well then it will be indicated in the standard assessment that will be conducted and that will give us data to enable us to know our level of performance in the school.

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He further noted that when the primary four standard assessment is conducted it will help us to align our education to PISA which will help us to know if 20% of the students are doing well or not performing. So the test will help to benchmark Ghanaian education with the rest of the world.

He said his goal as the education minister is for Ghana education to compete with the world education structured because the children in Ghana are more prepared in terms of psychological for the future and he is going to base on that to ensure that our children meet the needs of the world.

The minister added that when you enter a Ghanaian class the level of respect to the teacher, the adult you can’t find it in any place in the world and he is going to leverage on that to ensure that he supports the readiness of our children because our children sometimes are ready more the educational stakeholders and they only need to support them and he will also ensure that the president envisaged of the education system is fulfilled through the intervention programs and action plans that will make us competitive in world-class.

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