New Teachers’ mutual fund loans interest rate Chart. Download

By | July 4, 2022

The Teachers’ Mutual fund loans are one of the products that the Ghana Teachers mutual fund provides to their members. The Management of Ghana Teachers Mutual fund loans recently brought a new Teachers Mutual fund loans interest rate.

There are four major loan products that members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT can access to support their financial needs.

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Four Main Loan Facility at Teachers Mutual fund

Personal loan: This loan product is designed to support members meet their short-term obligation, such as payment of school fees, payment of rent, and any other repairs to homes.

Habitat loans: This loan facility is designed to help GNAT members meet their accommodations challenges before retirement. Any member who wants to build a house before retirement has to go for a GNAT Habitat loan.

Investment loan. This loan capital is there for GNAT members who have business ideas but do not have the fund to finance them. This GNAT investment loan product is to help members get funds to finance their business ideas.
Vehicle loan. This loan facility is to help GNAT members purchase vehicles. This is the only loan facility in GNAT where the cheque is not written in the name of the Applicant but rather the name of the company is written on the cheque.

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