No teacher takes over $500 a month in Ghana as salary- kelvin Taylor

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Loud Silence Media, Kelvin Taylor has stated that no teacher in Ghana Education Service takes up to 500 dollars a month.

According to Kelvin Taylor, the gross salary of public teachers from senior ranks to junior ranks who works for 30 days is not up to $500, and after deduction of taxes and SSNIT, no teacher will take home up to 250 dollars.

He noted that with all these suffering teachers are the same people defending the same politicians who maltreat them.

He further stated that teachers will suffer and continue to suffer in Ghana because teachers are those who are on radio stations in Ghana defending the politicians. Day in and day out teachers complained that they are not paid well but they are the same people who bring in the politicians to lead the country.

This statement comes after the teacher unions in Education embark on a nationwide strike effective 4th July 2022.

He said it was recently that teachers were made aware that those who leave in government bungalows are to pay 10% of their basic salary yet some are still defending the current Government.

“I don’t know what is wrong with the teachers in Ghana,” kelvin Taylor said. By now teachers are in the street demonstrating.

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