NTC And GNACOPS jointly issue Certificates to Private School Teachers. Check the details here

By | February 15, 2021

the program Ghana National Council of private Schools (GNACOPS) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education through the National teaching council program has launched a nationwide training program to prepare private school teachers to become professional teachers. To implement this nationwide program, the Ministry of Education through the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment trained and certified 200 Master trainers.

These 200 Master Trainers have been charge to train all private school teachers across the country. This is in line with the Ministry’s objectives of having teacher professionalism as part of the ongoing reforms at the Ministry of Education.

The major reforms at the Ministry of Education in Ghana has seen the need for all teachers in the country to receive some special training on the Standard-Based Curriculum(SBC) and the Common Core Program(CCP) .

The nationwide training started two weeks ago and according to the Private Schools Council (GNACOPS), they have been able to train over one thousand teachers (1000) in the private ready to enter into the teaching profession.

It is an interest of the Ministry of Education (MoE) to ensure sanity and quality assurance in private schools to meet global standards of education, it is important to note that, the ministry of Education is embarking on nationwide monitoring and supervision to ensure that all teachers are meet these global standards set by UNESCO and other international development partners.

According to the Executive Director of the Ghana National Council of Private Schools, Mr. Enoch Kwasi Gyetuah, their engagements with the Ministry have allowed them to train their teachers on the SBC and CCP through NACCA/NTC and jointly issue a participatory certificate that would serve in the interim as provisional certificate valid for 3 years but renewable every year through NTC to all those that will receive the training.

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The Council’s quality assurance Director (Mr. Oko Ner Quaye Tetteh) for this program, on his part, stated that, based on the new reforms that govern this area, all private school teachers must ensure that they received this training as preparation grounds for becoming professional teachers.

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