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NTC call on Teachers who have not received their new Registered Numbers to visit the portal.


National Teaching Council is mandated by the Education Regulatory’s Body Act 2020 (Act 1023) to license and Register all teachers in the country.

NTC in registering all teachers in the country, asked all teachers to update their details on the Ghana Teachers portal tpg.ntc.edu.gh

  1. Those who have registered already and gotten 100% are not included in the present registration. Most teachers in this group have been given their new Registered Numbers via SMS.
  2. Those who registered but couldn’t reach 100% must go back to the portal and complete. They will receive new Registration Numbers afterwards
  3. Non professionals will be registered after this exercise and issued temporary license.
  4. Data on those recruited after August 2018 is being worked on. They can log in from Monday to update their information.
  5. Those who have passed GTLE but are not yet employed can also register from Monday. They have to pay Ghc200 for the full license.
    NB. For GES staff NTC has already prepopulated some basic information about them on the portal. Please ensure that your name on the portal tallies with what is on your professional certificate.
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