NTC has launched an online learning portal to train teachers

By | November 29, 2021

The management of the National Teaching Council has officially launched an online platform to train teachers on cyber security. As part of its mandate to shape teachers into modern and transformational approaches to teaching and learning, the council has launched an online module.

The online module or portal (https://cloud.colvee.org/ntc/moodle ) by the National Teaching Council (NTC) will allow teachers to sign up for the online module in account with a specific email and password before the system will grant the teacher access to the available interface which contains eight (8) training courses.

Teachers after the training will be equipped with the modern and transformational method of teaching and learning and this will enable them to demonstrate their acquired knowledge in their practical daily life of teaching.

How to sign up into NTC online learning portal for teachers

Teachers are required to follow these simple steps to sign up for the national teaching Council online learning platform:
✅Click on the link https://cloud.colvee.org/ntc/moodle
✅Enter your password and email if you have an account to log in or click on a new account if you are a new user.
✅On the next interface enter the necessary details
✅Click submit
✅You will receive an email requesting you to activate your account.
✅In your email account click on the link provided to activate your NTC online learning platform account.
✅After successfully activating your account, you can revisit the National Teaching Council online learning homepage to register for your course. For more information about the course, a teacher can contact the course providers through the contacts numbers provided after the course outline.

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