NTC Licensure: Teachers who have different names on their payslip should take note of this

Some teachers have consistently complained of finding it difficult to save their names as the name used on their payslip. Some of them also complained about receiving error messages whenever they enter their SSNIT number and their staff IDs.

This happens because those Teachers have different names on their payslip that is causing the error message they do receive whenever they enter their SSNIT number and staff IDs.

Now to correct this issue the officials of the National Teaching Council NTC are asking all those Teachers with different names on their payslip to contact them by either sending them an email message or using the numbers provided at the National Teaching Council (NTC) Teachers portal so that they can resolve that issue.

The National Teaching Council (NTC) obtained the information of Teachers in the public sector from the Ghana Education Service (Ges) and if during the biometric Registration your name was capture differently it is that same name that will be presented to the National Teaching Council.

Now when you enter a name that is slightly different from the name on your payslip it will not be saved or you will see an error message. So quickly contact National Teaching Council officials for it to be rectified.

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