NTC Registration: Teachers without appointment letters this is what you should do.

By | May 13, 2021

The National Teaching Council which is mandated by the Educational Regulatory act (Act 1024) to license and register both public and private school teachers in Ghana stated that they have noticed that some teachers could not provide their first appointment letter on the portal and this what those Teachers are supposed to do.

During the interview with the official of the National Teaching Council at Ghana Radio yesterday 12th May 2021, the official state it clearly that Teachers who cannot provide their first appointment letter as proof of the appointment for one reason or the others can use the following documents as a proof of their appointment.
I. promotion letter if there is any.
ii. Release letter.


As part of licensing teachers, NTC has made it mandatory for every teacher both public or private school teachers to register for licensing and registration. Every teacher is required to register in the NTC portal.

Now in registering on the Teachers portal every teacher is supposed to provide important details as proof of being a teacher.

One of these proof is the first appointment letter. Some teachers who have been employed by the Ghana Education service for a long-ago find it difficult to locate their first appointment letter.

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