NTC steps on how teachers can submit their TCPD activities for CPD points.

By | February 12, 2022

Teachers are supposed to renew their licenses every three years. A teacher’s license can be renewed by accumulating continuous professional development points which are obtained from the teacher’s professional development activities ( that is workshops, seminars, conferences, and professional learning communities).

Now after the teacher participates in all these activities, the majority are wondering how all these activities can be submitted for continuous professional development points. The management of the National Teaching Council has outlined the major steps on the Teacher’s professional development framework that every teacher needs to follow to obtain their CPD points from these activities.

The entries of Teachers CPDs like SBIs, CBIs, or any forms that are organized under the Ghana Education Service structures be it in Regional, district, a cluster of schools or department shall be organized by the organizing authority ( District Director’s rep, Regional Director’s rep, SISO or the appropriate head of institution).

This shows that if headteachers are organizing CPD activities in the school, in this case, the headteacher is the organizing authority and it is the responsibility of the headteacher to make this entry for the participating teacher for the award of CPD points.

Also, the immediate supervisor of a teacher is supposed to log self-initiative made by the teacher to improve teaching and learning in the school in the teacher’s logbook.

This clearly shows that every teacher needs to have a logbook in their schools for records of continuous professional development activities.

Teachers’ logbooks shall be submitted to their respective district or Regional Directors who would be given unique access to enter the accrued points upon verification.

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The log shall be open for every district Director to enter every teacher entry one month before vacation and shall be closed three weeks after vacation. Every Director has only seven (7) weeks to make entries of the Teachers’ training log. Every Director has the opportunity to appoint a front desk officer to support in entries of training.

Teachers are always to cross-check their professional development records/ training logbook/portfolio records with NTC as means of validation of data submitted by CPD organizers to NTC.

CPD providers shall log the training type with a unique training code in the teacher’s training logbook and after using the subsequent login online portal to complete the digital log after each CPD program organize.

This information from management of the National Teaching Council is very important for every teacher to note. Kindly share to bring to the notice of every teacher.

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