NTC to organize free online Professional development training for teachers

By | February 22, 2022

The management of the National Teaching Council (NTC) has disclosed organizing free online Professional development training workshops for all teachers in the public basic schools in the country.

According to the management of NTC, this is a collaboration between the management of the National Teaching Council and Instill Education to organize this online training for all public basic schools teachers.

This online training is aimed at equipping public basic schools teachers with relevant skills for effective and efficient classroom performance.

The management of the training program has made it clear that the online training will be in two modules, the teacher module, and the school leader module.

Applicants are required to select the two modules for the training. Applicants will be contacted either by telegram or Whatsapp message.

Teachers Module

  1. ⚫ Engaging all learners through writing
  2. ⚫ Reinforcing learner’s expectations
  3. ⚫ Engaging all learners through cold calling
  4. ⚫ Checking for understanding with dipstick
  5. ⚫ Setting clear expectations with learners
  6. ⚫ Bridging the gaps.

School leader module

  1. ⚫ Leading self
  2. ⚫ Fixing broken routine
  3. ⚫ Introduction to leading professional development

Requirements for Application

According to the National Teaching Council and Instill Education applicants must :
⚫ Own a laptop or good smartphone
⚫ Be a professional teacher
⚫ Be ready and willing to take part in virtual training interaction and discussion
⚫ Be willing to use to own data to access information on the internet and also be available for discussion on the learning management platform.

• Be ready to meet deadline

• Be basic school teacher (primary to SHS

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How to register

• Click on the link free-NTC-online-training prog
• Fill in the required information
• Select two training module
• Click submit

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