Official: proposed deduction on teachers’ 2022 PDA allowance

The Government of Ghana 2020 introduced a professional development allowance for Teachers which is paid in November once every year. This allowance has witnessed a lot of deduction by the National Teaching Council and the various Teacher unions since its inception.

Last year’s professional development allowance, an amount of about GH¢500 was deducted from each teacher’s professional development Allowance by the three major teacher unions in the name of providing them with laptops. As we speak now KG and Primary school teachers and some JHS and SHS Teachers are yet to receive their laptops.

This year’s Professional Development Allowance is not excepted from the previous year’s deduction, information available to Educegh team, it is alleged that the three major teacher unions Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Teachers (NAGRAT), and Coalition of Concern Teachers Unions (CCTGH) are planning to deduct an amount ranging from GH¢295 – GH¢430 from 2022 November PDA allowance to buy each teacher a modem and TLMs.

There is an urgent call for teachers to resist any attempt made by the various Teacher unions from deducting their professional development allowance this year. Teachers need to be proactive this year to refrain these three major teacher unions from deducting their professional development allowance.

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