Official updates to Tier 2 contributors with different birth dates on Ghana cards and workplace

By | October 2, 2022

Teachers and other contributors of the Tier 2 fund are expected to take the below important notice as it will be of help when one is going on retirement.

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A retiree contributor will benefit from Tier 2 as his/her Lump Sum and SSNIT which is mandated for the monthly pension salary.

Contributors who were in the Service before 2016 should note that on retirement, they have Past Credit (a sizeable Lump Sum to be collected from SSNIT) in addition to their Tier 2 Lump Sum. This is a result of accumulated funds in a suspended account between 2010 and 2016 before the funds were released to the various Fund Managers.

Contributors who were appointed in 2016 and beyond are not entitled to any Past Credit from SSNIT when they retire.

Contributors who have been born and reborn means those who (have different Dates of Birth at their workplace and SSNIT) whether deliberately or unintentionally, have created problems for themselves.

Those who have the same dates as mentioned above, but have different dates of birth on their National ID (Ghana) Card, have problems similar to those mentioned above. This is because for any different Date of Birth, the system will recognize you as a different person; and as such, your accumulated contribution will be suspended in that account searching for its rightful owner who has metamorphosized with your date of birth.

With different Dates of Birth on your Ghana Card which might be accidental, you cannot claim your benefits after retirement.

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Contributors who have problems as mentioned above should correct all those abnormalize in time before pension so that all the dates are commensurate (tally) for easy claiming of benefits.

Periodically, contributors are urged to update their beneficiaries to effect the necessary changes.

Tier 2 became operational without contributors been made to input any beneficiary as it pertains to SSNIT. This means many contributors below the age of 60, have died in the last two years; and their Tier 2 Lump Sum was not claimed by any beneficiary due to that lapse.

Your SSNIT beneficiaries are not necessarily the same ones to use for your Tier 2. You can make, omissions, and insertions, maintain them all, or overhaul them.

If the number of your beneficiaries exceeds FIVE (5), request an additional Form.
There is NO limitation to the number of beneficiaries. However, ensure that your allocation of benefits sums up to 100%.
If all the beneficiaries are minors, ensure that you include one adult (probably the mother/father of the children) who can make claims in your catastrophic absence through a Letter of Consent.
Without any adult among the beneficiaries, in case of any misfortune (death of contributor), your Tier 2 Lump Sum will be withheld in your account till any of the minor beneficiaries attain the age of eighteen (18).
Ensure that you input the correct Date (s) of Birth of your beneficiaries that correspond to those on their Birth Certificates, or the same dates used on the Form above will be used in the processing of the ID (Ghana Card). Otherwise, they cannot make claims.

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Tier 3, which is voluntary by the contributor, shouldn’t exceed 16.5% of the contributor’s basic salary.

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