Home Education Over 5,000 basic school children currently learn under trees.

Over 5,000 basic school children currently learn under trees.


Basic school is the heart of every educational ladder for all young growing children. Despite being the heart of education which needs special treatment. The case of Ghana’s basic education is completely different. Studies have shown that over 5,000 basic schools in Ghana still learn under trees and shade.

In this 21st century, where other countries are seriously backing theirs with all the kind of investment it needs. Ghana has completely forgotten about its basic education. There is little or no attention paid to the basic schools in Ghana. The government has completely limited the funds that could have been used to improve the learning condition of our public basic schools. It is not a surprising thing that teachers complained about the lack of textbooks in schools but the reality. The school environment does not even support learning yet we comparing our Educational system to other advanced countries’ education with modern classrooms. Schools that can boast of classrooms are those in the urban areas. Currently, when you visit those schools, it has not been renovated for two to three decades now. Some of them part of the roofs has been removed and others too are set as death traps for the school children and their teachers.

Talking about those who have classrooms and they are not in good shape are even lucky. When you visit the rural schools, a place set aside for learning is like someone’s farm garden. Nothing indeed shows that teaching and learning take place in that environment yet that is the place school children receive their lessons. If they don’t have a place to learn will they even be thinking about teaching and learning resources? That one is a secondary matter.

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Due to the lack of classrooms for school children to attend most of them have to drop out of school because public Basic Education has been so unattractive for the rural folks. Public Basic schools are in a state of complete collapse. Government has to act as quickly as possible to change this narrative.

If the government wants to tackle this unemployment challenge in the country then the best place to start is the investment in basic schools. Government can change the state of public basic schools by ensuring that public schools are practically orientated. Government can build training centers in most public schools to allow young people to acquire the needed skills that enable them to become an entrepreneur on their own. You can’t allow someone to graduate from the university with no knowledge of being an entrepreneur then you ask the person to start his or her own business, how is this possible. Young children should be taught how to do things on their own in other not to depend on others and this can be done by starting the process at the basic level.


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