Pay teachers good salaries and they will be satisfied- Minister of state.

By | July 3, 2022

The former minister of Upper East Region and the current minister of state at the presidency Mr. Rockson Bukari has called on the government to make sure that teachers are satisfied. Mr. Rockson Bukari said the government can do this by paying teachers good salaries.

Speaking to an A1 radio station in an exclusive interview at his residence. Mr. Rockson Bukari said the work Teachers does have been undermined causing it to lose the respect and reputation it once had.

He further explained that Teachers are responsible for nurturing and training the youth for the future and if they are not satisfied they will not deliver their best but rather be concentrating on how to take care of their families.

Responding to a question as to whether there was a correlation between teacher satisfaction and the good performance of students, Mr. Rockson Bukari said teachers will always deliver their best when they have peace of mind.

Government should pay teachers good salaries and build houses for teachers since they are responsible for nurturing the future leaders of this country.

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