Points building will not be used to renew license but rather Teachers will have to pay money for the license

By | December 2, 2021

When the National Teaching Council NTC introduced the licensing of teachers in 2018, although concerns were raised about this license. Some teachers were kicking against it but the majority of the teachers welcome it in good faith.

According to National Teaching Council, teachers both in the public and private basic schools in the country will have to attend workshops, seminars, conferences, organizing of professional learning communities in schools, and attend short courses to build up points that enable them to renew their license in three years.

But the current happening in the teaching Service and those in charge of licensing of these teachers point to the fact that license renewal by teachers will not be about points building but rather Teachers will have to pay money like the way drivers do to get their license renewed.

The National Teaching Council (NTC) which is mandated to ensure that teachers’ license is renewed and the professionalism of teachers are up to standard have directly moved outside their mandate and currently paying attention to money-making from the teachers.

Workshops are usually organized by employers to upgrade the skills of their employees and at the end of a workshop, employees are refreshed and even paid for attending a workshop. The management of the Ghana Education Service is responsible for organizing workshops for their staff. Because the National Teaching Council is geared towards money-making has taken over the role of the Ghana Education Service by licensing a private organization that pretends to know more about Education policies to extort monies from the ordinary teacher.

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Due to points building teachers are forced to pay monies not less than GH¢70 by District Directors of Education to attend workshops which at the end of the workshops teachers learn virtually nothing due to how those workshops are organized.

Now every workshop organized in GES, teachers will have to pay monies before they attend. All this points to the fact that teachers will have to pay monies in time to come for their license to be renewed.

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