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PRINCOF has directed all colleges of Education to put their Admission list for 2021/2022 on hold

Admission status

The principals of Colleges of Education PRINCOF has called the administrative management of the 46 public colleges of Education to hold on with the admission list for the 2021/2022 academic year.

On the college of education Facebook page, on 31st October 2021, they have instructed that all admission lists for 2021/ 2022 should be on hold by PRINCOF. The reason for the directive from PRINCOF is yet unknown.

Meanwhile, on the 30th October 2021, the College of Education weekly Journal informed the general public as well as the applicants for the 2021/ 2022 academic year that the provisional admission list for the 46 public colleges of Education for first choice Applicants will be out on the Sunday 31st of October 2021.

Some of the Colleges of Education have officially notified some first-choice applicants through text messages of their admission status.

Applicants are encouraged to remain calm as the reason for the postponement of the release of the admission is still unknown. Educegh.com will be following this development and will regularly update all applicants on any information that may come out of this year’s colleges of Education Admission.

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