Promotion aptitude tests for teachers has eliminated some bottlenecks and brought unfair treatment to lower ranks.

In 2020 the management of the Ghana Education Service brought in the Promotion aptitude test as a method that will be used to promote in-service teachers seeking promotion to higher ranks (PS, ADII, ADI, DD).

This promotion examination has brought a lot of phenomenal changes in the promotion of teachers in the Service. At the time teachers used to go to interview before they are promoted to their ranks, the time use in processing their results and placing them in their respective ranks is cumbersome but since the inception of this promotion examination the organization is very efficient and those who passed this examination are quickly put on their respective ranks.

Even though this 2021 promotion examination was faced with a lot of challenges like the way the results was released by management and some of those who passed the promotion exams are yet to place on their respective ranks, it has directly removed the bottleneck and backlog of delayed promotion that interview system does bring on teachers.

The knowledge acquisition and the professional development this promotion Examination has brought to teachers can not be overlooked. One can even say that this promotion examination has improved the professional development of teachers far better than the so-called licensing of teachers which those responsible for ensuring that the professional development of the Ghanaian teacher is upgraded have moved away from their primary role and now concentrating on money-making.

Although the management of the Ghana Education Service due to promotion examination is now paying more attention to the promotion of teachers in the higher ranks to the neglect of those in the lower ranks, the promotion exam is far better than the interview system that was used to promote teachers.

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Teachers who sat for the promotion Examination in 2020 will never forget the remarkable relief the promotion Examination brought to them. Ranging from knowledge acquisition, fast placement on their ranks, efficient organization, and freedom from killer Directors of Education who always demand money during interviews of teachers for promotion. When much stakeholders consultation is done with this promotion examination that was instituted in 2020, it could be recommended as an efficient means for promoting teachers at all levels.

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