Public basic schools pupils boycott classes due to lack of Teachers

By | February 10, 2022

School-going pupils in some parts of the country are boycotting classes for the reason of no teachers in their school. A situation that is worrying to most parents and Guardians in the country.

Since Monday 7th February 2022, pupils of the public basic school in the Breman Essuokor D/A basic school in Asikuma Odobeng Brakwa district of the Central Region of Ghana have been boycotting classes due to lack of teachers in their school.

A report from the pupils in the school state that only one teacher is handling JHS 1 to 3. This teacher is teaching all the subjects in the school. This is affecting teaching and learning in the school.

A report from Citi News says only one teacher has since resumed school since the reopening of schools on 18th January till date. An attempt to confirm the situation from the District Chief Executive in the area has failed.

This situation in the school has gone to confirm the earlier report by Dr. Clement Apak member of Parliament for Builsa South that over 44,000 teachers left the teaching profession due to poor condition of service for only in the 2021 academic year. This situation is quite alarming in our schools.

But the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service came out to denied this claim by Dr. Clement Apak. According to the Ministry of Education spokesperson, Mr. Kwasi kwarteng over 34,000 teachers left the teaching profession.

The Director-General of the Ghana Education Service stated that only 292 Teachers left the teaching profession in the 2021 year. Prof Opoku Amankwa explained that using EMIS data to determine the number of teachers who left the service will be inaccurate unless the payroll data.

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Now the current situation at hand is exposing the Director-General of Ghana Education Service, prof Opoku Amankwa. Most public basic schools are facing a deficit of teachers but because the teachers and their students have kept quiet on the situation the government does not feel it. Something needs to be done urgently to motivate teachers in basic schools else Ghana risks losing teachers to other nations.

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