Public sector workers February 2022 salaries in limbo. Updates on payment

By | March 1, 2022

Public sector workers have complained about the recent delays of their February 2022 salaries which were supposed to be paid at least by Monday, 28th of February 2022.

The majority of the public sector workers are confused about the delay in payment of their salaries for the said month since there is no official message from either the government or the Controller and Accountant General Department CAGD.

Some have complained about their inability to go to work on this first week of March 2022 due to the failure of the government to pay their February salaries.

According to them, their e-payslips have been successfully uploaded but there is no money reflecting in their bank’s account. This has generated a lot of controversies in the public space.

Educegh.Com team has come across a message which is purported to come from the Controller and Accountant General Department CAGD that although CAGD has made payment of public sector workers’ salaries on the 25th of February 2022 but there was a directive from the government of the Republic of Ghana that all Bank should withhold all payments of public sector workers until further notice.

Most workers are anticipating this can be the main reason why their e-payslips are in which they can access it online meanwhile the money is not reflected in their bank’s account.

The Honorable Majority leader of parliament earlier on stated that if the leaders does not sit up strategically to turn things up public sector workers may not get their salaries for the next three months.

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Though the Deputy Speaker of parliament debunked that claim made by the speaker of parliament, this recent delay in payment of public sector workers for February 2022 seems to be a confirmation of what the Honourable speaker of parliament said.

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