Reasons why teachers are so unhappy these days

By | March 2, 2021

In years past teaching was very appreciative and an admiring job for many young ones growing up. Teachers were so much respected in society even though their salary at then was not that encouraging as basic economics will tell us we will not be able to satisfy all our needs with our scares resources but because these teachers were getting support from the society they were comfortable with what they have but the narrative has changed these days where teachers have been assaulted in their classroom students.

Because of public disrespect for our hard-working teachers, we have witnessed the continuous disruption of teachers’ work by parents and students in different places in this very country in the course of their duties because the public has no respect for the very work these teachers are doing for young ones. At Lekma a teacher was recently beaten by his students for just doing his work and till now there has been no report of an arrest made according to the general secretary of Gnat the police are still making investigation when this incident happened in the broad daylight. The same thing happened in Tamale where Nyohini Presby’s JHS headteacher was beating by an unknown gang in the community and virtually nothing has happened. Why are we humiliating our teachers for no cause done?

The issue of underpaid and the position of the Ghana education services and government with regards to putting teachers in their respective ranks are making teachers so unhappy and frustrated, at times in delivering their lessons.

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Teachers have been underpaid for the work they are doing and any attempt to called home their demands generated insult from their employers. At times when I hear anybody saying that teachers are not doing their work, I feel like crying because the kind of dirty and tedious work teachers do at schools still people can not recognize it, is so hurting and painful.
I don’t know whether it is a crime these days to further your education when you are an employee of the Ghana education services. You see workers in other field encouraging and supporting their workers to further their education and gain more knowledge for the development of their work but when you come to Ghana education services is a different thing all to gather. You see our leaders talking about professional development meanwhile they don’t appreciate those who use their own hard money to further their education and when these teachers are done with their course to enjoy the fruit of their labor is another issue, why are we humiliating our public school teacher?

Most teachers have their bachelor’s degrees in Ghana education services approved course still since 2018 they are not yet been put on their right ranks. How will a teacher be happy with his work?

The issue of Ghana education services and government not supporting teachers to meet the needs of students is something that is worrying some of our teachers. At times people say that whatever you meet in the school you work with it like that but some situations in schools are more than what can facilitate a teacher in his or her work. Some teachers are in the field well prepared to do their work but the situation or conditions in our schools do not favor some of them.

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The unprecedented demonstration that these teachers are planning to carry out in the coming days worthy it. Demonstrating for what you desire it is right thing and a call in the right direction.

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