Reasons why there are no schools in Ghanaian villages-the case of Nipadikuro (a village in the Kintampo south district)

By | January 1, 2021

A life bomb that is about to explode in the near future if not curtail fast in Nipadikru. As a prolific writer and someone who has a concern about people’s future, I want to throw more light on this issue which is a challenge to the people of this community.

Lack of a place called school in Nipadikru to educate school-going children expose them to a life-threatening situation. This is a community located in the Southwestern part of Kyingakrom a residential area located at the outskirts of Kintampo town. most of the natives of this community are small-scale farmers and charcoal burners and due to the lack of school for children to attend. These children follow their parents in the burning of charcoal or engage in the farms.

This community has a children population of about hundreds of which none is attending school. This is a worrying situation to the people of Nipadikru and because the nearby town is far away from this community, you can’t be walking every day to school unless you use a car which is not also common there or use a motorcycle which most parents cannot afford hence allowing their children not to attend school but rather doing the common thing which is charcoal burning.


On the 25th of November 2020, I visited there to inquire from the elders of the community why there is no school and which they are not showing concern about it. I took a motorcycle from kyingakrom to Nipadikru,  I got there at exactly 9:30 am I ask about the elders’ house and the showed me I went there asked why this is a community with a large number of children and there is no place to teach them because one of the policies of United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is that every child has the right to learn.

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This was what the elders have to tell me as the reasons for the lack of school in the community which I have listed as follows:

The elders explain to me that the community does not have its own funds to sponsor the building of their own school and when I raise a concern about communal labor, the elders explain to me that last year they organized one and constructed their own school but it wasn’t successful and the building the put using bricks broke down when the rain started because they couldn’t get money to buy zinc to roof it and this indeed affect the growth of children in this community. So, my question is how do these children in Nipadikru grow without education? The answer is obvious that they are only retiring their future today unknowingly due to lack of school.

The elders also made mention of appeals to the district assembly to support them with funds in constructing their own school but which is not coming as demanded leading to the delays in establishing a school for the people of Nipadikru making their children continue to toil on the infertile land that does not yield anything for their grandparents and their parents.  As we know that someone without education is like a bird that does not have wings.

The elders also talked about politicians promising them and failing to give them their demands making the community not have school till date. They complain of politicians that have come to them seeking for their votes always tell them to vote for them into power and they will build a school for them but immediately those politicians get into power the forget about them causing them not to have a school up till date. These are some of the reasons why people in Nipadikru do not have school to date.

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The people of Nipadikru are appealing to the government, non-governmental organizations business partners, and private individuals to come to their aid and help them get a school building for their ward. Life without education is meaningless which creates a vacuum in the minds of our young energetic leaders who must get something to fill it by involving themselves in activities that can damage their lives for eternity.

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